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Tenants' reviews and ratings of bad landlords, apartments and rental properties

Don't Rent Me features reviews and ratings written by tenants in the United States.

We also support many other countries. Check out the country select options in the navigation at the top of the page to visit your preferred landing page.

The reviews and ratings on Don't Rent Me serve as a warning to all tenants in the United States, about bad landlords, apartments, rental properties and real estate agencies or property management companies.

Don't Rent Me reviews and ratings are a fantastic resource for tenants in the United States as it provides the only truly independent rental review and ratings platform.

You will notice that some other apartment reviews and ratings websites rely on sales revenue by leasing you an apartment or rental property. Your review may impede their ability to rent out a "lemon", and so their true motives are questionable.

Here at Don't Rent Me our major focus is on giving tenants a voice to raise the issues they have had with bad landlords, apartments and rental properties, by way of reviewing and rating them - for all to search and share!

It's completely free to search reviews and ratings by apartment and rental property address, as is searching by a real estate agency or property management company.

It's also completely free to add a review and rate a landlord, apartment, rental property, and real estate agency or property management company.

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