Unhelpful manager reviews (Add Review)

Sometimes a tenant may ask for advice or help dealing with an issue related to the property or other conditions or clarifications under the lease. Unhelpful manager reviews include agents who have provided little to no assistance to the tenant compared to the general experience you may come to expect from professionals within the real estate industry.

950 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The building itself is in good shape and well maintained with the other tenants being friendly and nice. The problem lies with the current superintendents. If you need any help no matter how small, be prepared to pay to have it done. If you have... read more

153 Weber Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

153 Weber Street North is not a particularly good place to live in. It’s suite-style, where everyone has a shared room, but each floor has three to four people who will share a kitchen, living area and washroom. Very nasty place, shared bathroom... read more

1455 Trafalgar Street, London, Ontario, Canada

DO NOT RENT HERE!!!! The ENTIRE building is INFESTED with COCKROACHES, some Appartments even have spider and centipede issues! The only shitty effort they put into the bugs is occasionally getting someone to apply paste on a few areas in your... read more

8333 Needles Drive, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

1. - The house is well built and comfortable to live in. There are no problems to report, and the owners were actually pretty good at fixing things when they broke. I rate it 8/10 2. The Owners / Property Manager. Here is where it gets... read more