Health risk reviews (Add Review)

Tenants have a right to healthy living conditions. Health risk reviews include properties with inherit risks to their health, which are often ignored and proceed to harm the good health of the tenant. Tenants should exercise caution when considering renting these locations.

161 Brisbane Water Drive, Point Clare, New South Wales, Australia

Illegal power/ gas meter loose and exposed pipes fittings.Floods rear door each time it rains.Always wet and moldy in kitchen and bedroom cupboards and up the walls.Switches to private from agent as soon as you move in.Then does nothing regards... read more

905 Kingston Road, Waterford West, Queensland, Australia

I got approved for this property with my 2 kids, I was told the property would be cleaned and fixed up before I moved in, and was told again once the lease was signed(didn't get an RTA booklet) that bond cleaners were being organized as well as... read more

LJ Hooker - Yarrabilba

I do not know where to even begin this real estate agency if this is what you can call them is an absolute joke! We moved in on march 28th we didnt even last in this property six months. The issues were so bad we broke our lease. First issue was... read more

LJ Hooker - Yarrabilba

There were problems with the house that they didn't fix and were health risk read more

LJ Hooker - Yarrabilba

Stating that the house wasn't cleaned when we moved out which i have photos to prove other wise. Charging me for a broken window 25 days after we moved out. They have also been charging me Council fees for the water being read as we used tank... read more