False advertising reviews (Add Review)

When a landlord or agent advertises features of a rental property, it is fair to assume the tenant should expect to have that feature available. Many tenancy laws however may not support the importance of an advertised feature, which can make enforcement difficult or not worth the time or money. False advertising reviews include landlords or agents who have failed to deliver on the advertised features of the property.

109 Mount Pleasant Road, London, London, United Kingdom

DO NOT RENT HERE! So called landlord scammed me out of £600 and another person out of £1400. Investigation for fraud underway.. Do not under any circumstances sign anything or hand over any money in fact just STAY AWAY! read more

S H Properties

Extremely poor service for tenants. They did not warn us (7 students) that our neighbour was mentally ill and would harass anyone that lived in the property. This is of course illegal. I tried to warn prospective tenants which viewed the property... read more