Dishonest landlord reviews (Add Review)

Not all tenants think to always get everything in writing. Dishonest landlord reviews include landlords who have told a tenant one thing and acted in a very different way in actuality. This is perceived as being dishonest and can create problems ranging from minor to very serious matters.

3870 Yale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Steer clear of this place. They have harassed me almost from day one, I have filed harassment charges, called the police. The yard is a hazard for anyone walking to there car. The wife is a habitual liar and you have no privacy whatsoever. I could... read more

288 Lauder Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

roaches for 2+ years landlord refuses to supervise repairs on property, wants handymen into house with no supervision illegal rent increases for repairs to fix things like roach infestation or landlord's personal preferences for more... read more

950 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The building itself is in good shape and well maintained with the other tenants being friendly and nice. The problem lies with the current superintendents. If you need any help no matter how small, be prepared to pay to have it done. If you have... read more

153 Weber Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

153 Weber Street North is not a particularly good place to live in. It’s suite-style, where everyone has a shared room, but each floor has three to four people who will share a kitchen, living area and washroom. Very nasty place, shared bathroom... read more

5546 Nickerson Road, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

Short stay due to inappropriate behavior by landlord. Electrical issues when the landlord uses kiln. Stories change all the time. Landlord extremely disrespectful and full of entitlement issues. This landlord shouldn't be a landlord. Be... read more