Damage & loss of belongings reviews (Add Review)

Under most tenancy laws the landlord is responsible for damage caused by the landlord. For example, neglecting to fix a water leak or mould problem. Damage & loss of belongings reviews include landlords who allowed the tenants belongings to be damaged or lost due to neglect.

905 Kingston Road, Waterford West, Queensland, Australia

I got approved for this property with my 2 kids, I was told the property would be cleaned and fixed up before I moved in, and was told again once the lease was signed(didn't get an RTA booklet) that bond cleaners were being organized as well as... read more

1289 Main South Road, Clovelly Park, South Australia, Australia

These land agents are extremely unprofessional, abusive, do not understand boundaries and will enter your home whenever they like. They left me and my young child with no toilet for a month because they didn't want to organise repairs with the... read more

LJ Hooker - Yarrabilba

There were problems with the house that they didn't fix and were health risk read more

53 Ashwood Drive, Cedar Vale, Queensland, Australia

The house was perfect just the realestate trying to rip us off for my bond. Went to court won over 70% of my bond back. Agent tried to make out that the property was left dirty, they got their own bond cleaners in, they polished a plastic laundry... read more

LJ Hooker - Yarrabilba

I do not know where to even begin this real estate agency if this is what you can call them is an absolute joke! We moved in on march 28th we didnt even last in this property six months. The issues were so bad we broke our lease. First issue was... read more