Bad neighbours reviews (Add Review)

Landlords and agents can't really be blamed for bad neighbours or neighbourhoods - but tenants still deserve to know what they are in for in they choose to rent this location. Bad neighbour reviews include locations that have experienced difficulties with neighbouring properties.

5136 Forsythe Place, Boulder, Colorado, United States

This house is a disgusting disaster. He refuses to move the nasty 1960's furniture out of any bedroom. The bathroom is full of precious tenants' trash and grime. The owner of the house, ****, is verbally abusive and outright mean. He also... read more

601 West 4th Street, Reno, Nevada, United States

This is definitely one of the worst, most discriminating, harassing management in Reno NV! The owner, owns a total of 3 similar properties in Reno/Sparks area. He's a paranoid idiot! Stay away!! read more

509 Brookside Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

This sis one sorry drama queen that will steal robbed scam DO NOT RENT FROM HER OR HER SONS UNKLESS YOU WANT YOUR LIFE DESTROYED LIAR MANIPULATOR NASTY NASTY WOMAN told us she rent us a house ythat had a tenant in it just paid rent went back locks... read more

509 Brookside Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

This is one psycho and her psycho adult addict children she is married has a boyfriend many and thinks everyone wants her she steals your mail and is dishonest and insurance Farm Bureau scammer . If the state took her husband for abuse and the... read more

3535 Raintree Way, Lakeland, Florida, United States

**** of Polk Rental Source in Lakeland, Florida- She promised to replace the stove and refrigerator, it took her several months, and on Christmas Eve, finally had it delivered, they were replaced with smaller, used units. Then upon move... read more