Bad neighbours reviews (Add Review)

Landlords and agents can't really be blamed for bad neighbours or neighbourhoods - but tenants still deserve to know what they are in for in they choose to rent this location. Bad neighbour reviews include locations that have experienced difficulties with neighbouring properties.

S H Properties

Extremely poor service for tenants. They did not warn us (7 students) that our neighbour was mentally ill and would harass anyone that lived in the property. This is of course illegal. I tried to warn prospective tenants which viewed the property... read more

243 Llangyfelach Road, Brynhyfryd, Swansea, United Kingdom

Neighbours are awful there sly people run you to the ground you can't have no privacy you can hear everything through the walls beautiful area to live in just a shame on the living neighbours they are neighbours from hell read more

68 Kathleen Road, Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

Awful property. Always cold and damp. Unfinished porch done poorly by landlord. Landlord always skulking around as **** lives in the adjoining house. No privacy. Horrible. read more

34 Winn Road, Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

Nice flat but only equipped with storage heaters that did not heat the flat adequately. Landlords refused to install new heaters. read more