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Chgo, Illinois, United States (Add Review)

1541 East 67th Place, Chgo, Illinois, United States

She took doors right off our hinges!! She turns the key whenever she wants...she has neglected to make repairs and when the rent was paid she told us to move in the last two weeks of the month...she has the police telling her she cant come... read more

235 W Van Buren Street, Chgo, Illinois, United States

Doesn't fix anything in the apartment when you notify him of something broken. Expects apartment to be in NEW condition upon move-out; overcharges for anything that is not NEW. Lies about charges until after you move. read more

1122 West Catalpa Avenue, Chgo, Illinois, United States

I could write a novel on how discriminatory the owner, the condo board and Leiberman Management and their attorneys are towards renters here. They seem to single out renters and love to fine them for any simple infraction. No warnings. No... read more

1230 West Albion Avenue, Chgo, Illinois, United States

Absolute terrible landlord. **** has another job proctoring exams that he takes WAY more seriously than being a landlord, and he'll mention this other job to you every single time you ask him to do anything. He only has time to cash checks; ask... read more

2714 Ridgeland Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois, United States

This landlord is horrible. Does not deserve to rent properties. He continues to not fix things. I had an allergic reaction to a paint job he prolonged to finish. I had to miss work b/c it was on my face. I tried to have a civilized conversation... read more