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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Add Review)

9926 Barbee Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

**** **** is our landlord here and she takes her time to fix everything. In May 2014 there were several night in the 40 degrees, the heat was broken and she refused to get it fixed. I had an infant at the time, too. Her elderly parents brought 2... read more

6919 Cardigan Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Black mold, roaches, weird deep holes in the back yard,and BED BUGS!!! read more

485 Lincoln Street, Cramerton, North Carolina, United States

No permits pulled for construction work nor for heating unit and heating unit won't pass inspection codes...raccoon and bug problems...tub is slick from being painted with wall paint and cabinets are nasty...the deck is unsafe as it has a... read more