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Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Add Review)

669 Rhodes Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Fail to make repairs lie to Courts abadon Property after he make agreements for repairs fail to maintain Property never did no kind of work on the house I did all repairs to the home since I been in there ... read more

2245 Polar Rock Avenue Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The guy who rents this place out really does suck. He won't fix anything but demands his rent money. And after we signed the lease he tiold us that he won't put in a refrigerator or stove and we had a baby on the way. He had to take the... read more

551 McWilliams Road, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Do not rent from Granite Cottages LLC or the owner. 8 Months and we still have not received a trash can or a recycle bin to put our trash into for collection. We are having to pile our trash bags up by the curb getting complaints and comments from... read more