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Houston, Texas, United States (Add Review)

4060 Belle Parks Drive, Houston, Texas, United States

Awful landlord, property full of roaches insects bedbugs and rats. Holes in ceilings all around home rats come in and out landlord cheap on repairs that he do make, which has only been a light fixture found out property under foreclosure 3mths in a... read more

1206 Cleveland Street, Houston, Texas, United States

Upon move-in the house was barely cleaned. The carpets were filthy and the bathrooms weren't clean. THE CATS. I cannot tell you how many stray cats are running around. The next door neighbor feeds them so they keep coming back. This was just... read more

1011 Wood Street, Houston, Texas, United States

Most of the units in this building have serious leaks that the landlord will not disclose or lie about until you actually see water coming in when it rains. At which point he will lie about sending someone to fix it for a few months before he admits... read more

6607 Fairway Drive, Houston, Texas, United States

Landlord enters home without written notice, takes off porch and patio lights. Brings other people to our rental home. Showed no mercy when I was hospitalized and spouse lost job . notified her before rent due when he was laid off and will be a... read more

15527 Weldon Drive, Houston, Texas, United States

I've been living at Weldon dr for 11 years my pipes always needs fixing in the house water stains on the wall carpet that needs changing it's been here since the house was built the landlord takes 5 to 3 days to come fix anything in the... read more