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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (Add Review)

51 South 15th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Landlord is friendly until it's time to move out. Then he won't return your security deposit. Don't rent from Mr. Morosco. read more

3080 Pinehurst Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Horrible landlord. Fills house with unspayed flea ridden cats, live in girlfriend is unemployed and never pays rent. The place is always filthy and his weird friends are always over. Gun owner and prone to angry outbursts. read more

949 Airbrake Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, United States

this landlord has been nothing but a head ache for us. we knew the previous tentant that lived that that gave a warning that he doesnt do any repair work. . so i figure as a family with young children giving the benifit of doubt i thought he would... read more

200 Kelly Avenue, Pitts, Pennsylvania, United States

Do not rent with this company. They are slum landlords that only care about the check. Buildings falling down. Heat sometimes work. Windows old and falling out. Porches actually falling off the brick enfacement. Does not respond to requests... read more

1819 Kimball Avenue, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States

Steer clear of this property and all 3 of it's units. Landlord cares NOTHING about who or what happens there. Will let criminals, drug addicts and felons move right on in if they have a lump sum of money to show. Repairs to property will... read more