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Seattle, Washington, United States (Add Review)

6520 21st Avenue Southwest, Seattle, Washington, United States

I have a Grace period of five days after the first to pay I get threatening emails that he will use all of my rent money to evict me because I am purposefully paying rent after the fifth. no he required me to set up wire transfers from my banking... read more

2500 Northeast 45th Street, Seattle, Washington, United States

This has been my worse experience in an apartment bulding. The landlady ****, is obnoxious. She treats the tenants in an extremely unprofessional way: I have been waiting for hours on appointments for her to show up. I have seen her lurcking at... read more

4548 20th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, Washington, United States

I am writing this review on behalf of parents and students who might be considering renting one of Trimark's properties. In two words: buyer beware. Be aware that despite it’s affiliation with the university, this company acts in bad... read more

4547 19th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, Washington, United States

Avoid renting - he refused to return my security deposit for over half a year and only ended up returning part of the deposit after I threatened legal action. See detail below. The first red flag I noticed was that the lease the landlord sent me... read more