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San Antonio, Texas, United States (Add Review)

11611 Capotillo Street, San Antonio, Texas, United States

When I left they charged me for repairs they wouldn't fix while I was there including worn out drawers and a fence there workers broke while removing a tree. They also charged me for that nhs that were broken before I moved in including window... read more

521 Normandy Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Landlady from hell! She did not disclosed the fact that she resides next door, until after contract was signed. Would let herself in without prior notice, sometimes when I was in the home either sleeping or in the shower. Would constantly knock on... read more

4930 San Fernando Street, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Moved in needed a place to stay immediately on November 3 2016. I moved in by myself I can't let have my boyfriend we would argue alot but she ain't the real landlord this house needs repairs bad. The I pay is 350 the restroom needs work... read more