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McKinney, Texas, United States (Add Review)

616 N Church Street, McKinney, Texas, United States

This man should not be allowed to rent out his home. He is psychotic and makes renters feel desperate to flee his insanity. The McKinney police department knows this address and this landlord because they have been called out so many times. Do... read more

1827 Caddo Lake Drive, Allen, Texas, United States

Owned by American homes for rent. They will not fix anything, if they do, they blame it on the tenants. And try to make them pay for it. We did get most of our deposit back despite their extreme move out demands, which we spent weeks trying to meet. read more

5000 Whitestone Lane, Plano, Texas, United States

Very bad service staff always has excuses, no reply to email request only after 3-4 attempts . They don't know how much the rent is, you need to wait 2 weeks for a maintenance request, the online option doesn't exist. Is a total chaos and... read more