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Dallas, Texas, United States (Add Review)

9601 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas, United States

Bad service. Lying, racist, nosey neighbors. Land lady never even there.So many rude loud, unsupervised children. Drug use. Aggressive dog breeds. Litter & dog waste every where. Not pet friendly but allows pets. Raises rent to evict. Open... read more

2537 Hancock Street, Dallas, Texas, United States

This landlord is a slumlord. She won't fix ANYTHING right but, will send workers 3 or4 days later to patchwork problems. The worst is she will get your money and still evict u. If u call Her at the end of the month and say you don't get... read more

1138 Newport Avenue, Dallas, Texas, United States

Place is nasty, unsafe and overpriced. Landlord threatens you and plumbing is out. read more

5000 Whitestone Lane, Plano, Texas, United States

Very bad service staff always has excuses, no reply to email request only after 3-4 attempts . They don't know how much the rent is, you need to wait 2 weeks for a maintenance request, the online option doesn't exist. Is a total chaos and... read more