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Arlington, Texas, United States (Add Review)

516 Guerin Drive, Arlington, Texas, United States

I moved into this property & it was a few things that needed to be fixed, that wasn't fixed until june 2015 read more

8925 Randol Mill Road, Fort Worth, Texas, United States

So busy making new tenants happy to attend to long time tenants. Repairs take up to 7 months to even be acknowledged. Now New Tenants are unhappy due to so called remodeling and appliances not working. I know a few that want out after just 3 or 4... read more

1902 Stockton Trail, Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

landlord does not fix things he just want your money , house smell really bad and also there restrooms has bad smell i can clean very good with all kind of cleaning items but it will go back the same the ac leaks water thru garage and the inside the... read more