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Columbus, Ohio, United States (Add Review)

1116 Perry Street, Columbus, Ohio, United States

Mike (Michael) Crosbie and Karl McLaughlin were the absolute worst. I moved into this place on the 1st of the month and was moved out 2 weeks later. He told me to get out of his house after I complained it wreaked of pet smell and spent two days on... read more

94 N 20th Street, Columbus, Ohio, United States

"elJay Properties" are crooks and will go after you to take every dime you have. Leave the place looking better and cleaner than it was when you entered the unit will not get you your security deposit back. Do not try to negotiate the... read more

3640 Eakin Road, Columbus, Ohio, United States

He is the worst slum lord ever. He let's drug dealers stay here. Dude came out of his apartment with face mask and rubber gloves on where he been cooking meth. A VERY bad problem with bedbugs and won't do nothing about it. I make a... read more

5250 Wallbury Court, Columbus, Ohio, United States

The air conditioner leaked water in a 7.5 by 2 foot puddle up the hall and into our room. We asked the landlord to fix it multiple times. He only started sending people out to "fix" it after we threatened to escrow rent. It never was... read more