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Winnetka, Illinois, United States (Add Review)

936 Spruce Street, Winnetka, Illinois, United States

RENTERS BEWARE House is mold infested and landlord is dishonest and has hurt other renters prior to us. read more

1877 Prairie Street, Glenview, Illinois, United States

Did not return security deposit and used it to paint house and replace 20 year old garage door. Charged me for light bulbs that had burned out, wasp nest in the heating vents and cabinets that were already taped with white duct tape when i moved in. read more

2001 Pratt Court, Evanston, Illinois, United States

Owner Kevin was a true slumlord. Asbestos in the basement was never properly treated. Sewage often backed up into sink. Took him months to make essential repairs. DO NOT RENT HERE. read more

10481 Dearlove Road, Glenview, Illinois, United States

The worse slumlord in slumlord history... do not rent. Mold,mildew, roaches,bed bugs all in one. read more

2000 West Morse Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Cockroaches everywhere and they wouldn't hire a real exterminator! Don't live here, they don't give a shit. read more