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Manville, New Jersey, United States (Add Review)

163 North 7th Avenue, Manville, New Jersey, United States

The landlord named **** who rents the upstairs apartment is homophobic and nosy. read more

163 North 10th Avenue, Manville, New Jersey, United States

This is my sister and shes know good. She does not have the brains god gave squirrels, im insulting squirrels by saying this. The place she rented to her me her sister is shit and needs updating. But my sister is an no good old maid that no man... read more

423 Lucy Court, South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States

I moved into my place in Feb 2015. From the day I moved in there's been nothing but problems. I was given a "Move In Move Out Checklist", which I had 72 hrs to complete and return back to him. On the actual day I moved in, my landlord... read more

1008 Forest Haven Boulevard, Edison, New Jersey, United States

The basement and walls of 1008 Forest Hven Blvd, Edison, New Jersey has mold and mildew growing on and within the walls. There was personal property damage and well as possible health issues produced from living in that apartment. I have pictures... read more