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Temple Hills, Maryland, United States (Add Review)

3314 Huntley Square Drive, Temple Hills, Maryland, United States

This landlord is a slumm loard who will get over on you in anyway. You will not get youre security deposit refund back in anyway. The unit has had over 4 water leaks which has caused me pain, and suffering from all 4 leaks in a years time. I have... read more

604 Mellon Street Southeast, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Issues with unethical Landlord & business practices | Forum | disputes & damaFINANCIL LOST & monetary DAMAGES,UNFAIR RENT INCREASE,SECURITY DEPOSIT THEFT,RIPOFF FEES & CHARGES,WRONGFUL GARNISHMENT ON TENANTS Posted by james... read more

7000 Bishop Drive, Capitol Heights, Maryland, United States

This property is unfit for human consumption it has mold on the walls, bad plumbing throughout entire house, foundation is cracking, and roof is not supported properly also the do not do repairs but will take your rent and sue you if you don't... read more

8925 Simeon Court, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States

I rented this property last year, The Property is GREAT. The landlord is the worst. I gave Derrick McGill a 60 day notice to vacate. I moved out, Restored the property back to its full use. McGill WAS NOT available for the walkthru, HE took half... read more

1804 Whistling Duck Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States

These few words sums up our 2 months experience with the property.. "All that glitters is not GOLD"Property manager provided exceptional professionalism in dealing with the owner issues and her home. 3 floods within such a short time... read more