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Frederick, Maryland, United States (Add Review)

1316 Pear Tree Court, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Landlord is great except when you fall behind in your rent and you give him money every week or every other week and you don't give him enough money towards rent he will tell you he wants to see your check stub to make sure you are not holding... read more

1 South Pendleton Court, Frederick, Maryland, United States

3 bdrm town house nicely updated but very dangerous area. The president of HOA is the noseiest person ever and discriminatory. She spied on people and called offices of authority. E.g. On our 2nd day of moving in she called animal control on us over... read more

403 North Market Street, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Pete Mallios is the landlord. He lies and will not fix one thing. We have many safety issues, and holes leading outside. There are too many things wrong to name because the repair list is long. Pete is only interested in collecting rent money.... read more

8115 Ball Road, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Old 2 bdrm farm house but wonderful place to live!!!! Landlord should receive Best Landlord Award !!! Seriously the nicest person we have had a pleasure to not only call our landlord but a friend! He is extremely respectful and thoughtful not to... read more