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Hammond, Indiana, United States (Add Review)

4923 Hohman Avenue, Hammond, Indiana, United States

abusive, mismanagement ,unfair treatment of tenants, unfair charges for anything total disguard for human right as a human being .lies to tenants about everything while they still your disability money from you on trump up charges. with the blessing... read more

737 E 193rd Place, Glenwood, Illinois, United States

This landlord rented her house and circumventing local ordinance to avoid getting the house inspected. The village didn't know we were there the sub pump went out the AC didn't work and was deemed a safety hazard mold in the lower level... read more

198 East 10th Street, Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States

Horrible landlord. Wont fix anything, the roof leaks in the bathroom, the basement floods when it rains hard and there is also mold in the basement. The garage roof leaks as well and has termites. The house has ants. You can smell the mold during... read more