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Lake Worth, Florida, United States (Add Review)

3928 7th Avenue North, Lake Worth, Florida, United States

I have lived at this property for over 3 years. The office takes forever to process any maintenance requests. You constantly have to call the office regarding the same issue. The landlord also does not keep her word, if she promises to get something... read more

37 Sioux Lane, Lake Worth, Florida, United States

The property manager formally known as Kislak Realities is now being ran by his daughter. The house is mold infested I had to report them to code enforcement to make them fix any repairs. They would only patch up the work order meantime raising the... read more

1105 6th Avenue South, Lake Worth, Florida, United States

The property manager is very rude and does not work well with the tenants and does not supply the tenants with proper /sufficient information about their apartment or what is going on wit the apartment complex she tends to have a very nasty attitude... read more

6515 Diamond Springs Terrace, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

The land lord Nabil Glenza refuses to make repairs, he also tries to bully you with threats and intimidation to get you to back down. his maintenance team doesn't know what they are doing and are very slow to make repairs, in most cases, they... read more

130 Southeast 14th Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

Mike Falls of FBM Leasing,, worst landlord in the world. -tows your car if he in that mood -turns off AC just because he can I lived without hot water for ten months, it would probably be longer but we got new owners -continued to rent apts... read more