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Dunedin, Florida, United States (Add Review)

2687 Crystal Circle, Dunedin, Florida, United States

I paid addional month for ongoing rent to be used when we wanted, he changed lease. House unsafe and unhealthy , code enf called. 8 major violation. Eviction notice for rent for Sept. Violations not fixed and yes going before board in Nov. Rent... read more

636 Dogwood Court, Dunedin, Florida, United States

Khatoon Amnay owns many properties in pinellas county, florida. She is one example of a slumlord. We were harassed constantly by her entering our home whenever she desired using her key and kicking the door open as she enters screaming yelling, I... read more

1451 Drew Street, Clearwater, Florida, United States

This is a slumlord she lies about fixixng her properties i am a disabled adult that has been living in hell wit 2kids not on any kind of housing paying all my rent never late and she ask me do i want a new house "NO" i will like to live... read more

15666 49th Street North, Clearwater, Florida, United States

Rented mobile home with stipulation that rotten floor would be repaired. Every month Mr. **** had an excuse. When I fell due to the holes in the floor , I started withholding rent. I was in casts on both ankles for 3 months. Mr **** evicted me... read more

915 Bayshore Drive, Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States

Do not rent 915 Bayshore Drive Tarpon Springs. This house is in very poor condition. It is infested with roaches and ants. It has a broken septic system which the owner is aware of and will not replace which causes sewage to go into the house, the... read more