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Fountain, Colorado, United States (Add Review)

304 North Race Street, Fountain, Colorado, United States

I have had several issues with this property since moving in such as: a broken dishwasher that leaked all over the kitchen floor for WEEKS, a broken back door, broken furnace, toilet, black widow spiders, weeds from hell that take a HEDGE... read more

312 West Alabama Avenue, Fountain, Colorado, United States

Let's see. She's lazy, doesn't keep the building up to par, doesn't take things like black mold and leaks seriously. Apartment has flooded four times through the walls and into the closets, hallway, and bathroom. Hole in the... read more

1906 Olympic Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Serious mold problems downstairs that they refused to fix. read more

Acute Property Management

I made the mistake of complaining about the lack of maintenance and the numerous code violations at the end of my lease. I got evicted today as a disabled veteran who was 30 days behind on his rent and made a good-faith effort to pay it. When... read more