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Centennial, Colorado, United States (Add Review)

6776 South Ivy Street, Centennial, Colorado, United States

This is the landlord from hell. I have been lied to in regards to reimbursement, paid for everything from light fixtures, had to replace blinds, pay for paint and installation of smoke detectors Bedroom windows still do not open and the landlord... read more

3255 Parker Road, Denver, Colorado, United States

I have lived at the Axis at Nine Mile Apartments, at 3255 South Parker Road, Denver, Colorado 80014 for almost ten years now. I have seen mice rummaging through the open and over-filling trash containers in the parking garage, drunks and junkies... read more

6374 East Dutch Creek Street, Littleton, Colorado, United States

Beware of con artist landlord Mike and his high school friend Greg. They are running a deposit scam. He has 5 properties, this house is his personal dumping grounds for his construction business. Construction has been going for over 3 months, during... read more

775 South York Street, Denver, Colorado, United States

This woman is a slumlord, plain and simple. She rents individual rooms in her house and will tell you that she lives there also but that she travels most of the year so you'll never see her. Problem is, she tends to rent out every bedroom in... read more