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Sacramento, California, United States (Add Review)

4119 36th Street, Sacramento, California, United States

This house is infested with termites. rats and coch roaches. There are dead trees in the back yard falling. The restroom walls have mold the water leaks through the walls. The exterminator Pinnacle came out 3 times they put holes all over the wall... read more

1145 Theo Way, Sacramento, California, United States

Landlord refused to give any explanation (he didn't even attempt to contact me, one of his tenants) after requests for refund/partial refund of deposit. I paid my rent on time each month that I lived there and left the room and bathroom in... read more

1010 Sagamore Way, Sacramento, California, United States

This women is subleasing to people saying she is splitting rent and utilities but in truth her renters are payin 100% of it all - she is crazy accused me of "killing her chickens" when they died to to he neglect - her dog and chickens shit... read more