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Redondo Beach, California, United States (Add Review)

18520 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, California, United States

This dirty junky slumlord breaks all laws, enters whenever he wants, turns off electricity if he is mad, brings hookers in to party with. He smokes pot all day & night. He has fights in the street with hookers every month or so. The police are... read more

1573 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, California, United States

Don't rent from Tito Velasco. Harassing landlord and complains about dirty property. read more

16925 Prairie Avenue, Torrance, California, United States

The manager doesn't let your kids play outside in the courtyard he tells you that they have to go to the park or you can or will be evicted your not allowed to sit in the courtyard or you can get evicted basically if your home you can't be... read more

4168 163rd Street, Lawndale, California, United States

They're kicking us out for a parking problem that we had no part in. After we fought or at least tried they realised their response wasn't valid but they wanted us to vacate anyway. read more