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Martinez, California, United States (Add Review)

3831 Pacheco Boulevard, Martinez, California, United States

Cranbrook Apartment what a waste of my life. There was no urgency to fix things before it was to late. We lived with the smell protruding in our walls for three years. They finally got a New manager that understood. Opened our walls and found a nest... read more

2236 Greenbrier Street, Concord, California, United States

2 small bdrms and large mtr bdrm it's nice but closets are small. Appliances are old . Fridge temp dial is broken cabinets and closets have open crevices where insects and rodents go in and out. There's a rodent odor. The next door... read more

2230 Haste Street, Berkeley, California, United States

Fabulous landlord. Very kind and reasonable, even when my roommate wasn't turning in her rent on timeand when having to deal with our horrible subletters over the summer. The apartment building is kind of run down (and pretty cold in the... read more

1004 Allston Way, Berkeley, California, United States

horrible landlord and family , his wife would open her door and stare at us whenever we walked through the gate and never spoke when we said hi , the landlord would cuss at us if we forgot to close the gate , and whenever my cat ran outside the... read more