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Fullerton, California, United States (Add Review)

1853 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton, California, United States

Landlord co-owns this property and the 3 places next to it that look the same grayish color. There are other units on the same street that were built at the same time and look similar, but have a different owner who actually cares about the property... read more

122 W Florence Avenue, La Habra, California, United States

We moved in with the unit not being available. They have not fixed things since Sept 2014 in our unit, I know one unit has been waiting for a cracked ceiling since April 2012. This place is rat infested along with ants and roaches. read more

3072 West Coolidge Avenue, Anaheim, California, United States

Terrible landlord, her unit is old and anytime something needed to be fixed she would send her husband who mickey mouse everything in that place and only made it look like new but doesn't last a week after repair.. She took advantage knowing... read more