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Mesa, Arizona, United States (Add Review)

3829 North Stone Gully, Mesa, Arizona, United States

Landlord has never fixed any of the water damage problems caused by leaks. There is black mold in one of the bathrooms and he has yet to fix it. We have gone 2 weeks with a door on our oven because it broke. He always tries to fix everything himself... read more

14 North Horne, Mesa, Arizona, United States

complete slumlord, never fixed anything and when he attempted he would put used stuff from his other slum apartments then when i moved out tried too charge me $7000 before he ever looked at the apartment. the rent was 450 complete slumlord read more

1150 North Delaware Drive, Apache Junction, Arizona, United States

He is the owner's son and will tell lies about a tenant if they don't 'bow down to him"....He refuses to work on weekends even if there is an emergency...and then lies about why he didn't do anything. He will make the... read more