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Phoenix, Arizona, United States (Add Review)

1215 East Encantada Place, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The Leymeyers do not fix plumbing, electrical etc. The call it Tenant caused and refuse to take care of problems. The house was infested with cockroaches and fleas discovered upon move in the Laymeyers refused to treat the property. These are true... read more

834 North 13th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I am writing this review to warn everyone of these apartments at Roosevelt and 13th avenue. These apartment's are a complete scam they won't fix anything and Lie in court. They have harassed me and also given me a 5 days notice for... read more

3116 West Tierra Buena Lane, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Gail Charloff rents this house intentionally to fraud the IRS by renting out a illegal guest house not zoned for rent by city of Phoenix. Gail rent it out. It is illegally wired utilities . after one year since 2004. INNOCENT tenants are kicked out.... read more

22422 North 37th Terrace, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

WORST Landlord ever! Upon move in EVERYTHING was filthy, bugs in cabinets, carpets were NOT professionally cleaned, only vaccumed, there was even cleaning solution left on the stove. We also had several issues during our tenancy with broken... read more

7137 North 66th Drive, Glendale, Arizona, United States

I rarely take the time to warn anyone about a property I have rented. I rarely have reason to. I am going to list reasons to avoid this place.1. The air smells like fecal matter in the morning. I **** you not. Open the front door at 6AM and it... read more