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30438 Mendocino Way, Murrieta, California, United States

Nice and beautiful home on the outside and the fact that its in Murrieta seems too good to be true, well it is. The landlord here is cheap and ridiculous. He refused to put a tent on the house after I discovered termites, but before those the house... read more

551 Apple Tree Drive, Sandy, Utah, United States

These people should not be renting space in their home. House is owned by mother, maintained by daughter, managed by son. The daughter is super nice, she and I got on well, but there were multiple issues while I lived there including an incident... read more

4409 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia, United States

DO NOT RENT FROM FOXCHASE OR AIMCO. We were renting from their Foxchase apartments in Alexandria, VA and they have gouged us for money! Their renter's insurance they make you have is a SCAM. Poor maintenance of the pipes caused a flood in our... read more

4139 Ohio 235, Ada, Ohio, United States

We met for a walk through with my husband and daughter and put in an application and provided a copy of my husbands w2 and our IDs. He did not run a credit check or background check (which we both would pass with FLYING colors). A few days later, I... read more

1000 County Road D West, New Brighton, Minnesota, United States

This apartment complex is not kept up properly. We started calling it " Lady Marmalade". They would paint, the outside, to fake folks out into thinking inside MUST be nice too. The current office worker Angela is petty, rude, and... read more