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1616 Columbus Road, Granville, Ohio, United States

Landlord never fixes anything, never spends money to upgrade 30+ year old electrical or plumbing, windows are are sealed shut so you can't open them to get fresh air, the basement floods when it rains, the garage leaks and can't be used,... read more

2149 Alfred Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, United States

1BR / 1Ba available now apartment laundry in bldg Pavriz Bashirzadeh is a slumlord preying on desperate people in need of shelter. He is very sleazy towards women and will stalk and harass you. During my lease with him he entered my apartment... read more

1278 Queen Anne Place, Los Angeles, California, United States

Landlords are unprofressional and take advantage of tenants. They do everything they can do ensure their not at fault for their property that isn't managed well or taken care of. They do not know the own history of their property, but if there... read more

110 Briaridge Drive, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, United States

Briaridge Apartments are owned and managed by Catranel Reality Company. A small family business. These units are poorly maintained and the service department is a one person staff. Most first floor apartments have been broken into. Kitchens in many... read more

2525 Brant Street, San Diego, California, United States

My wife and I rented this property for two years and have some very mixed feelings. It is very conveniently located, but does suffer from aircraft noise. The availability of street/guest parking is extremely limited, especially since they have... read more