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110 Briaridge Drive, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, United States

Briaridge Apartments are owned and managed by Catranel Reality Company. A small family business. These units are poorly maintained and the service department is a one person staff. Most first floor apartments have been broken into. Kitchens in many... read more

2525 Brant Street, San Diego, California, United States

My wife and I rented this property for two years and have some very mixed feelings. It is very conveniently located, but does suffer from aircraft noise. The availability of street/guest parking is extremely limited, especially since they have... read more

1212 North 150 West, American Fork, Utah, United States

This person is terrible to rent from. She's. It consistent in paying her bills and forcing you as the tenant to pay several late fees from her inability to use rental funds appropriately. Instead, she spends all her cents on wasteless items.... read more

2064 South Kings Avenue, Springfield, Missouri, United States

Bad nextdoor neighbors​. Overall great neighborhood, but the neighbors on our south side are absolutely terrible. Teenage kid on a dirt bike 5 feet from our window (no fence between the houses), free roaming dogs, yelling and cursing at each... read more

802 North 9th Street, Lafayette, Indiana, United States

Management makes it difficult to live at this property. Their rules about access to the building, lockout fees, and parking are a little over the top. Moving in / out is a pain. There is one ramp in the parking lot of the funeral home. It's... read more