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156 Oakcrest Avenue, Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Do not rent this apartment. It's split into three sections (or was) - top floor, ground floor, basement. I lived on the ground floor. Tiles were falling off the walls in the bathroom, landlord was consistently very aggressive and angry and at... read more

3519 1 Street Northeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Land lord put me in a lease and decided to sell this home. He lied about selling when I asked about it prior to signing lease. 50 agents went through my home where they had stolen property and left doors wide open in winter while our pets were... read more

1373 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Moldy, poor build quality, bad air quality in basement suite read more

288 Lauder Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

roaches for 2+ years landlord refuses to supervise repairs on property, wants handymen into house with no supervision illegal rent increases for repairs to fix things like roach infestation or landlord's personal preferences for more... read more

8802 90 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

The woman that wasn't there to show or sign papers to rent the place that in the end made our lives a living hell by slandering us on fb and such sure is a hypocritical witch who should be institutionalize for some kind of hormonal and... read more