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  • 21 Marion Street, Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia

Homeworld Realty - Bankstown

21 Marion Street, Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia

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Homeworld Realty - Bankstown

Homeworld Realty - Bankstown

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Long term sharehouse of 8 years, responsible professional tenants with a perfect rental history. Any time repairs were requested, we would be told rent would increase. Paid for most ourselves -... en
Long term sharehouse of 8 years, responsible professional tenants with a perfect rental history. Any time repairs were requested, we would be told rent would increase. Paid for most ourselves - new dishwasher, new garage door etc. There was dangerous wiring in the house - light bulbs would blow after a day, outlets would spark. Requested an electrician, got a dodgy friend of property manager (PM) who accused us of growing pot in the roof (!!!). He tried to start a fistfight with my housemate. He also accused us of blowing the mains by plugging in a 5W guitar amp he saw in someone's room which we found him poking around in, uninvited. Super professional! We made multiple complaints over years about the leaky roof which finally collapsed in a storm. Had to get SES to tarp the roof, was subsequently accidentally ccd on email between the PM and the owner talking about kicking us out for being 'too much trouble'. When the re-sign of lease came up, we'd just lost 2 housemates. Checked with the PM whether we would sign on for another year. Got the go ahead, got new tenants approved and moved in, documents drawn up. Received a no cause eviction in mail a week after the new tenants had moved in, with no other contact or explanation, and no return of my 'when can I come and sign the lease' calls in the weeks leading up. Should I have known?
I politely attempted to propose a reduced rent given circumstances and blemish-free long term tenancy record. The PM said he thought that fair and that he'd ask the owner. Got a phone call a few days later in which I was threatened with legal action for unapproved subletting. Turns out our 'PM' was an admin assistant who had no jurisdiction to approve subtenancy. I clearly had no idea the whole time because they had misrepresented his authority. How could I have known? I personally ended up out over $1000 ensuring the new tenants were not out of pocket amidst this fuckery, because none of this was in any way their responsibility, and I made them a dud promise of a home for at least a year. I realise I could have played this more cautiously, but I am not a landlord. The subtenants were my friends and I did not make a cent from this, just organised everything because one person in the house just has to step up. I was assured our tenancy would go forth as it had for the last 8 years and had no reason to suspect otherwise. I had reassurances from the agent that this would be the case. Silly me. The real PM tried to goad me into signing bond return pre-inspection (akin to a blank cheque for them) and did not even bother to turn up to our meeting to return keys and sign documents, resulting in me missing hours of work. Such a lack of respect! The plus side was that she was convinced I was a lawyer and gave me the whole bond back (A lawyer would have sued her. But scientists are excellent researchers and meticulous note-takers). Still, massively out of pocket, and three months of constant stress. One star for the others in the agency, like the fake PM and the people who picked up the real PMs slack. they deserve better than one star, but this PM is a -10, so on balance...
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Homeworld Realty - Bankstown

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