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  • 7619 Kellwood Drive, Houston, Texas, United States
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7619 Kellwood Drive, Houston, Texas, United States

7619 Kellwood Drive, Houston, Texas, United States

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The house was just fine, lovely in fact! It's in decent repair and the neighborhood is just wonderful! It's quiet, safe and full of families who keep to themselves; exactly what my wife... en
The house was just fine, lovely in fact! It's in decent repair and the neighborhood is just wonderful! It's quiet, safe and full of families who keep to themselves; exactly what my wife and I wanted. The backyard is also completely fenced in, which was perfect for the pup. There were the usual minor spots of annoyance, but nothing or serious. The air conditioner is a bit dated, so it's a little more expensive than I like, but it works. The vent in the living room will leak a bit, but only when it rains terribly. That only happened once the entire time we were here. None of the old vents adjusted, so I couldn't close off unoccupied rooms. The back, laundry room housed animals prior to our occupying the house and it smelled terribly of animal mess. Some scrubbing made it habitable but the smell never really went away. There were also no screens in any of the windows, so we were never able to get any fresh air or breeze. Overall our stay was pretty good. My real qualm was with the back door and RPM, the management company.

When we moved into the home we immediately noticed the sliding glass door to the backyard, which was unable to move without the serious effort of practically lifting it off its track. Luckily my wife and I are both strong enough to do so. It also didn't lock, which is a serious security implication. Thankfully we had a big dog. There was a security bar installed but it wasn't nearly enough. I accidentally locked myself out one day was able to simply jiggle the door to cause the telescoping mechanism of the bar to give allowing an arm to slip through. With the help of a stick, the lock was lifted and I was in. The door was brought to the attention of RPM immediately via the initial occupancy paperwork we're required to fill out and submit within 10 days of signing the lease. I then opened a maintenance ticket, which was answered by a lock smith. The poor guy didn't know why he was there but did his best to install a pin lock, which stopped working several days later. I followed up with another ticket which was immediately closed without response. I called a few days later asking for an explanation. I was told that the owner sometimes doesn't want to pay for repairs more than $250. I expressed the personal and property security implications as well as the fact that the door was causing significant issues with our heating, cooling and insects, given the half inch gap between the door and its seal. The lady apologized and said someone would come and inspect. No one did.

Several weeks later we received notice of a standard, annual inspection and an alert that someone would be coming to the house. When the gentleman arrived, I asked that he pay particular attention to the back door and report back. He took several pictures and mentioned that it "wasn't OK to be like that" and that he'd report back to management. Several weeks later, with still no response, I opened another maintenance request. This one was, again, closed with no response. Furious I called the company. Of course, there was no answer. I left a voicemail stating that I needed a call back from someone in authority immediately. Several days later, having received no such call I opened yet another ticket. This time I received a call asking for more details. I maintained my composure and professionally detailed the situation. Later a gentleman from a third-party repair company showed up, inspected the situation, took several pictures and let me know the door needed to be replaced. "Hopefully they'll approve it!" he chuckled... After hearing no response again, I opened yet another ticket several weeks later. It was closed asking for more pictures. I was livid. Luckily my wife tempered me. At that point, I just gave up and bought a camera and extra insurance. 6 months of fighting was too much. Moral of the story: The place was just fine but Don't. Rent. From. RPM!
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Rented: Nov 2017 - Nov 2018


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